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Defensive Tactics
Batons (Expandable/Straight)
Presumptive Drug Testing
Metal Detection (handheld/Walkthroughs)

SSPA  can offer your agency  or department courses ranging from introductory - basic through to advanced and Instructor courses in various areas of law enforcement.


Our affiliation with various International training Academies means that all training courses completed are recognised by the respective  governing bodies and Associations.


All training curriculums are the most up to date and provide students with the most current techniques and methods as used around the world.


So if your department is still teaching using non-certified lecturers, then it’s time to talk to SSPA .


We can tailor packages to suit your  agencies operational requirements while factoring in departmental protocol and procedures.


We can merge your current training methods with any methods from the range of associated packages, with little or no interruption in transitional training as required by your agency.



Australian Inquiries call (02) 4645 7600
International Inquiries call +612 4645 7600
Sharps/Knife Defence
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