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ü Prohibited Goods: Items listed under customs Act (Prohibited Exports) Regulations 1958.

ü End User Certificate: Certificate issued by the customer authorising the importation of prohibited items by a relevant government body requesting prohibited items purchase.

ü Official Quotation: Quotation provided by SSPA, containing SSPA’s Terms and Conditions, signed by an official SSPA sales manger or sales consultant

ü Official Purchase Order: Purchase order accepted by SSPA, provided by the customer containing SSPA’s official quotation reference, customer registered business/company details and complete listed of quoted products, fees and charges accepted by the customer.

ü Official Invoice:  Invoice containing SSPA’s pricing breakdown, official SSPA logo, SSPA’s quotation reference and customer purchase order reference.


ü SSPA will provide the best possible price at time of quotation.  Where good quoted are from an overseas supplier exchange rate variations may apply at the discretion of SSPA.  Where exchange rate variations are applicable the quoted exchange rate will be included in the quotation.  Invoices will stipulate the revised exchange rate and resulting cost increases.

ü All SSPA quotes are valid for a standard 30 days from time of quotation.   Deviation from 30 day validity shall only be authorised by SSPA management in writing.

ü Customer with quotations over 30 must request re-validation from SSPA Management prior to order placement.   SSPA will only re-validate quotations if there have been no exchange rate variations, freight variations or increase in product costs.

ü Quotations provided by SSPA will be in writing form as an Official Quotation only.

ü Quantity discounts may be available on application.   Application for quantity discounts are to be presented to SSPA in writing and may only be approved by SSPA management in writing via official SSPA quotation.

ü Freight costs will be included and itemised in SSPA’s official quotation.


ü Orders will only be actioned when an official SSPA order form or official purchase order has been correctly completed and received at our office.   Correctly completed order forms can be dispatched by fax of post.

ü Credit Accounts are will not be authorised to individuals.

ü Relevant licenses, End User Certificates, (EUC), and other documentation must accompany all orders for ‘Prohibited Items’ listed under current State and Federal legislation.

ü SSPA will not provide ‘Prohibited Items’ to unauthorised individuals or companies as this is in contravention of State and Federal legislation.

ü CANCELLATION of orders will only be accepted by SSPA in writing. Cancellations may not be accepted if the timeframe after acceptance of SSPA quotation is unreasonable of goods have arrived to fill the order.     Where possible SSPA will endeavour to resolve such requests in an equitable manner.

ü Payment is be made prior to any orders being supplied by SSPA.   Alternative payment methods are to be requested in writing and may only be authorised by SSPA management.


ü Customers are to ensure that when placing any order that the product(s) ordered and all accompanying paperwork and delivery details are correct.  In the event discrepancies exist the customer is to contact SSPA immediately.
ü Authorisation to return goods for exchange may only be granted by SSPA management.   The customer is to ensure authorisation has been granted prior to returning any goods or products (regardless).
ü Goods returned without prior authorisation by SSPA may be subject to additional costs being incurred by the customer.
ü Products found to be worn, loose or damaged as a result of manufacturer’s fault and not as a result of undue carelessness or harsh treatment by the customer will be considered for exchange.    
ü Any products or goods returned will be inspected and assessed by SSPA consultants and management (and where possible manufacturers representatives also) to determine certain results.
ü Products found to be damaged as a result of negligence may be given further by SSPA Management.   Refund decisions by SSPA will be communicated to the customer.
ü Original invoice must accompany any returned or exchanged good or products.
ü Items that are out of stock will be placed automatically on backorder and supplied as soon as possible.  Multi orders where backorders may affect the timings can be held until completion.   Customers may request alternative arrangement through SSPA management.   SSPA will consider the customer’s alternative arrangements and communicate their decision to the customer.
ü Products are subject to change without notification at any time.
ü SSPA endeavours to notify customers, where possible the deletion or modification of products in any advertisement.
ü Products is stock will be delivered by the best possible means I.e. post, courier or other arrangements.
ü Where product delivery is delayed SSPA will contact the customer at the first available opportunity.   SSPA management will explain the cause of delay and provide the customer with a revised delivery date.   
ü Private orders sent by post, fax or mail must be accompanied by payment details either.   SSPA accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD, BANKCARD or Cheques (which must be cleared prior to releasing goods).
ü All goods remain the property of SSPA until payment in full is received and cleared.
ü Prohibited items include I.e. handcuffs; Batons etc are only available to licensed persons. You must hold all the relevant and current licenses appropriate to Federal and State laws.  Certified true copies of these licenses are to be forward to SSPA when ordering such goods.
ü All End User Certificates must be correctly completed at time of order placement with SSPA.
ü Any other documentation required to complete an order will be requested by SSPA and must be supplied by the customer.
ü SSPA’s delivery options include: Express Post/Local couriers/interstate freighting/overseas handlers.  SSPA reserves the right in deciding the delivery option.
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